Interviews with Hemi-Sync Artists & Experts

Monroe Products Professional Profiles — Professional Profiles is an on-going video series that will feature individuals who use Hemi-Sync® in their own professional practice.

Brian Dailey, MDDr. Dailey has been an attending physician in Emergency Medicine since 1985. He is board certified in Emergency Medicine, Forensic Medicine, and Forensic Examination. He is a third degree Reiki Master with extensive experience using Hemi-Sync, as well as energetic and vibrational medicine. This includes the use of crystals, color, sound therapy, cranial-sacral therapy, and the use of thought and intentional in healing.


Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.DDr. Morris has been an ardent supporter of Hemi-Sync® for more than 20 years because of its demonstrable success in improving the quality of life for the children she works with.

The Magic of Hemi-Sync® — "Living in the Present" talk radio host Tom Sterner talks with Dr. Joe Gallenberger about the Hemi-Sync technology, and using it with his Manifesting CD and SyncCreation home study course.

The Enemies of Abundance and How to Conquer ThemFor Beyond 50's "Personal Growth" talks, listen to an interview with Dr. Joe Gallenberger explain the many saboteurs to attracting great abundance. The most limiting belief is fear. You'll learn what is required in the process of healing fearful thoughts.

Better Manifestation Through Psychokinesis — listen to an interview with Dr. Joe Gallenberger on the Beyond 50 radio show as he shares his special interest in the universal principles of manifestation and psychokinesis (to influence matter through non-physical means). According to him, the ability to manifest and psychokinesis are empowered by connection with the highest energies of heart and spirit.

Whole Brain Thinking & Attracting Abundance — Dr. Joe Gallenberger talks with Daniel Davis on the Beyond 50 radio show about attracting abundance using the energy and wisdom of the heart, helping us to understand the principles of manifestation.

Enhanced Wellness with Hemi-Sync® — Listen to thisBeyond 50 radio show interview as Patty Ray Avalon discusses the various Hemi-Sync products to enhance wellness and support healing.

interviewed by Daniel Davis on the Beyond 50 radio show, discussing "The
Creative Way with Hemi-Sync®."
Watch this video of teachers, students, and Hemi-Sync dealer Chuck Harrison
discussing the benefits of using Metamusic in the classroom at Brown
Elementary School in St. Joseph, Michigan.
Listen to these interviews from the Dr. Pat radio show: