Download the New Hemi-Sync Rich Media Player
for Digital Albums

(and get “The Way of Hemi-Sync” album Free with it)

The Hemi-Sync Rich Media Player is designed to be the ideal environment for immersing yourself in all things Hemi-Sync. You get everything that comes with the physical CD, and much more.

Several years and a great design effort have gone into the development of the Hemi-Sync Rich Media Player, powered by PYPELINE. Monroe Products, always on the edge, has chosen to offer an optimal digital experience for our customers worldwide. We know you will enjoy it, and believe that we have provided you the best value and digital rich media system you will find anywhere. Click the link below to Download the Player or Click Here to Learn More

Minimum System Requirements: Optimized for Laptop and Desktop computers; partial support for netbooks;
Minimum Screen Resolution = 900 pixels x 760 pixels

Windows: XP or later, 32-bit and 64-bit (Windows 7 Starter only minimally supported)
Macintosh: Intel Based OSX 10.5 or later. PowerPC not supported.


Please select operating system and click to download Pypeline rich media player
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